'Medical iPod' could save your life

Handheld device keeps information at caregiver's fingertips

If you have any doctor or nurse friends who doubt the importance of digitizing medical records, show them this.

The "CAREt System," which Medgadget says is being called the "medical iPod," is one more device that could help save lives thanks to digital databases and other updated technologies. IntelliDot, its manfacturer, describes it this way: "By simply scanning a patient wristband, the CAREt handheld device guides the nurse through all required medication administration and documentation tasks that have accumulated for a patient. Information is clear, organized and delivered right into the caregiver's hand, right when it's needed."

We understand the concerns over keeping medical records private but, in our case anyway, we won't complain the next time we're asked to sign yet another waiver if it means we'll benefit from technologies like this.

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