Mechanize your bling with robotic rings

This ridiculous Japanese jewelry is aimed at helping people communicate. Wanna talk to the hand?

Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET

Next time you're tempted to flip someone off, these robotic rings might help you get the message across.

The prototype rings consist of motorized eyes and a mouth. Developers from Japan's Keio University showed them off at Interaction 2012 last month in Tokyo, along with a whack of other nutty notions like cyborg houseplants.

The idea is to promote wearable robots and expand the natural expressive abilities of hands.

As the vid below shows, the rings look like a toy for kids, and could be used for simple finger puppet games. They're also aimed at enhancing physical communication.

You still have to use a bulky push-button remote control to make the mouth and eyes move. The developers want to add motion sensors, though that might make the accessories even larger. They also want to develop the rings into a character-like toy.

But the concept of functional accessories like this fitness bracelet is compelling. Maybe the rings could record footage of your surroundings with embedded video cameras, or deliver electric shocks to your enemies.

Would a robotic engagement ring help bachelors seal the deal?

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