Measure the depth, quality of your sleep at night

Japanese health monitor manufacturer Tanita unveils its sensor mat, placed beneath ones mattress, to track body motion, breathe rate, and pulse all night long.

This just in from Japanese health monitor manufacturer Tanita, a sensor mat that monitors the quality of your sleep.

The device is called Sleep Scan, and the idea is simple enough. Place the mat beneath your mattress and it tracks your body motion, breathing, and heart rate throughout to provide a sleep score.

Sleep Scan stores data on a secure digital high capacity (SDHC) card, and Tanita suggests that the 2GB SD card can store about 500 sleep cycles of data, unless you're like me and turn over like meat on a stick every five minutes, in which case you're likely to fill the card faster.

The mat is roughly 1 foot wide by 3 feet long by 1 inch thick and weighs just less than three pounds.

Tanita announced Wednesday it plans to sell Sleep Scan in Japan in May for $395. While Tanita operates in several countries, including the U.S., it has yet to announce distribution beyond its home turf.

Next up: the Sex Scan? OK, that might be a harder sell. But what a great break-up tool for the passive aggressive types looking for easy excuses.

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