Maybe this Slashdot user should get a Mac

Access on the web depends on your browser. Fortunately, more and more of the web is opening up to open browsers.

One Slashdot user is blaming his ThinkPad for an inability to use Slashdot error-free. Dude, you should have got a Mac. It works flawlessly with Slashdot.

In fact, as an interesting sidenote, my Mac browsers (Firefox and, on occasion, Safari) work with an increasing array of websites. Yes, Firefox and Safari have always worked with 98 percent of websites, but I would occasionally stumble across one (like's print-a-ticket page) that didn't work properly with one or the other. Those poorly designed pages seem to have grown up, or perhaps the browsers have been improving compatibility.

Either way, there are fewer and fewer websites that don't work fully my Mac-friendly browsers. Those that don't (, as an example) have to do with sites using Microsoft's proprietary media software. But I suspect these sites will eventually realize the cost of locking themselves and their users into a proprietary browsing experience isn't worth it.

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