May AT&T leaks bring June iPhones

An AT&T leak reveals an iPhone is coming in June. Just like last year. And the year before that.

iPhone AT&T

It's practically become a rite of spring.

First, AT&T tells employees they are not allowed to take a vacation in June . Then the company leaks to Boy Genius Report that the next iPhone is coming--right when everyone is supposed to not be on vacation.

It's hardly surprising anymore, since we saw this same pattern last year. And the year before that . And the year before that.

Here's the ever-so-brief blurb BGR ran Wednesday under the headline "AT&T confirms to employees new iPhone launching in June": "Title says it all, but you didn't really need a confirmation, did you? The phone will be available for purchase in June, not July, and from what we've heard, it won't even be late June."

The timing would be a minor change, since the iPhone has in the past gone on sale in either late June or early July. So if not late June, then perhaps early- to mid-June? We'll find out for sure on June 7 at the WWDC , where Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to introduce the next iPhone and release the official sale date.


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