Matte finish on the iPhone 3G? Maybe

Apparent leaked photos of the next-generation iPhone 3G show a matte black finish.

If you're tired of your iPhone showing every bit of grit and grime on its otherwise perfectly glossy finish, you're in luck. The next generation of the smartphone might help hide your predilection for greasy food. claims to have obtained leaked photos of the next-gen iPhone 3G that show a matte black finish on a metal casing. The photos show the back of a 16GB model with the model number A1303.

MacRumors won't confirm the photos' authenticity but says it was told they came from China.

Various rumors of late have indicated that Apple is getting ready to announce a $99 entry-level iPhone (with 8GB) and an updated iPhone 3G with 16GB or 32GB.

Hot pics here.

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