Massage Me: Push my game buttons, please

I would wear this massaging game vest if you were playing Tetris and lit lavender candles first.

I've been to weirder parties. Massage Me

Hey, guys, I have a great idea for a product. It's a video game controller built in to a vest that your friend wears. As you're pushing buttons to get your Call of Duty fighter around the map to frag your friend you can simultaneously give him or her a sensual massage.

Wait, what? This already exists? As a concept using a hacked PS3 controller? And it's Austrian? Well, excuse me for breathing. I'm just brainstorming here.

"Massage Me" is currently a DIY project (instructions here) from a couple of smarties at the University of Art and Industrial Design Linz who specialize in wearable tech. That market could see some growth in the next decade as we get more used to concepts like all-over wireless and motion sensors in everything.

And it's exactly what it sounds like. You manipulate a vest worn by your friend (the Web site uses the creepy term "innocent bystander," which gives me the willies) to both relax his back and destroy enemies on the screen.

Ostensibly it should be compatible with any game, seeing as it's just a hacked controller, but I'd be scared to wear this with any motion-controlled game. My friends can get really "into it" when they're gaming and I bruise easily.

Massage Me
Massage Me is like a Power Pad for your friends' sore backs. Massage Me

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