Marty McFly meets Tron with LED skateboard

For hellions with a geeky side, California-based skateboard company Flexdex is illuminating the skating scene with the light board.

I heard Green Lantern was looking for his skateboard. Flexdex

These days, it's becoming a somewhat cringeworthy phenomenon that companies add LED lighting to just about everything .

In the latest victim of tacky meets tech (or is it cool meets tech?), California-based skateboard company Flexdex is illuminating the skating scene with the light board. The flagship model, the Clear29 LT longboard, features a "clear as glass" polycarbonate frame, translucent wheels, and strips of LED lights powered by 9-volt batteries that run along key areas of the body (no mention of battery life). Gadgets and Gear sells the futuristic skateboard for $199 in blue, red, green, orange, and white.

Who'd want to rock this ride? A prepubescent hellion with a geeky side? Your inner (or real) child? Hard to tell.

After watching several demonstration videos, I'm not exactly sure if the Flexdex LED skateboard is the brightest option out there. The video below from Flexdex will undoubtedly inspire the use of fast forward. As you can see, this is no Tron light bike. I need atomic glow.

A little sleuthing and I discovered that Flexdex has a worthy competitor called the Photon Light Board, which is cheaper, brighter due to more LED lights, and comes in a wider selection of board styles.

Flexdex has hinted at new models coming this year, writing on its Facebook page that it is working on some redesigned lit-up boards.

Let the light board wars begin.

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