Marty McFly and Mattel lend a hoverboard to The 404

The 404 takes a trip to Hill Valley in 2015 to geek out on Mattel's limited edition, full-scale Hoverboard replica from "Back to the Future II."


The hoverboard floated onto the big screen in "Back to the Future II" and broke the hearts of geeks worldwide when director Robert Zemeckis announced that the technology would not be available until the year 2015. Decades later, we're all still waiting for power laces, hydrator machines, power laces, and a real hoverboard, but Mattel was on-hand at Comic-Con 2012 to show off the next best thing: a 1:1 scale replica of the original hover board ridden by Marty McFly.

While it's still unacceptable that the thing doesn't actually glide through the air (don't even think about water), the prop retains the exact look and feel of the real thing, replete with a scooter handle hole, Velcro ankle strap, motion sensors, and "whooshing" sound effects pulled directly from the movies.

No mention of a Pitbull or any of the other aforementioned BTTF gadgets, but you can pick up your own non-hovering hoverboard this fall for $120.

Mattel and MattyCollector team up for the official hoverboard replica from "Back To the Future II." The 404
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