Marley puts high back in hi-fi

Marley brand headphones and iPhone speakers blend the style and eco-conscious ethos of Bob Marley with modern audio technology.

Photo of the Marley iPhone speaker dock.
The Marley iPhone speaker dock. Marley

Have you ever caught yourself shopping for audio gear and thought, "What would Bob Marley listen to?"

Well, wonder no more.

Marley Ventures, heir to the Bob Marley brand, is set to unveil a line of Bob Marley-inspired products at CES 2011. The three products being teased on the company's The House of Marley site (not to be confused with House of Marley pug clothing) include a pair of in-ear headphones, circumaural headphones, and a swank iPod/iPhone speaker dock.

Putting aside the inherent tackiness of using a dead legend's name to sell audio gear (we've seen worse), the products claim to honor the departed singer's values of ecology, equality, charity, and sustainability. They also happen to look pretty cool (well, the renderings do, at least).

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