Mark your meat with a personalized branding iron

Personalized irons let grill masters stamp their steaks with initials, political affiliation or their favorite college mascots.

Boston College branding iron
Show your pride for your alma mater with one of 47 college logos. Mmm, good chicken. Go Eagles! Texas Irons

If you've ever slaved away at the grill all afternoon, only to find your guests have snatched up all the juiciest steaks on the platter before you could get to them, read on. With personalized branding irons, you can brand that sucker and claim it as your own.

Texas Irons has a whole slew of branding irons that allow you to make your mark on the meat (or veggie burgers) you grill. Sear your initials into your food with any of the custom monogramming options, show your Texan pride with a Texas longhorn, bless the meal with an ichthys, sear a steak for your sweetie with double hearts, or use the smiley face to say happy cows don't come only from California.

The irons start at $29.95 and work their way up to $79.95 for a deluxe set with interchangeable letters (which might come in handy the next time you have a grill-off).

Let's all just be grateful that they don't carry a replica of the one used in Jackass 2.

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