Mario, Link, and Mega Man immortalized in Lego mosaics

Video game mosaics get resurrected in Lego form.

Mega Man suspended in animation Flickr/notenougbricks

I've done the research, and it looks like Legos are well on their way to surpassing bacon as the Web's most popular trend, at least in the last year.

Sure, there's been a whole truckload of bacon iPhone cases, bacon floss, and even bacon bracelets, but Legos are hot on bacon's heels with the recent release of Lego video games, Lego boom boxes, and this collection of Lego mosaics dedicated to video games past.

Each intricate design is put together by hand by Flickr user notenoughbricks, an avid Lego fanfreak whose other builds include replica Renegade Racers, model space ships, and even a whole city street of his own invention.

In his Lego video game collection, Mr. notenoughbricks used his own collection of multicolored bricks to fashion various video game characters including Pac Man, Megaman, Mario, Luigi, Link, and Scrooge McDuck. Most of the squares measure 16 inches by 16 inches, except for Mega Man, who required a 32 inch by 32 inch base plate.

Check out the collection in its entirety, and to see more of Notenougbricks' Lego talents, head over to his profile on BrickShelf.

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