Many Galaxy S4 software features will come to S3

Drew Blackard, director of product planning for Samsung's mobile business in the U.S., tells CNET that many features not dependent on hardware will make their way to other Samsung devices.

Certain Galaxy S4 features, possibly include S Voice Drive, will be coming to the Galaxy SIII. Sarah Tew/CNET
If you just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 and envy some of the new Galaxy S4 features, you may be in luck.

Drew Blackard, director of product planning for Samsung's mobile business in the U.S., told CNET that many software features will make their way to other Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S3 and Note 2.

"Our hope is to bring anything that's not dependent on hardware to other devices," he said.

Blackard didn't have any details about timing for that but suggested it will be sooner rather than later. For prior releases, the update has hit older phones in about a couple months, he said. And updating the Samsung features isn't dependent on an Android update by Google.

Samsung today launched the Galaxy S4 during an event in New York City's Radio City Music Hall. The device was largely applauded for its new features, though the design itself isn't a huge leap from the S3. Samsung is counting on some of its more innovative software advances to set its device apart from rivals.

However, if users can get many of those features on the Galaxy S3, it may make them more hesitant to fork over the extra cash for the S4.

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