Man pulls real, cute kitten out of computer

A video that suddenly wafts about the Web shows a magician's expertise in one technical area -- video editing.

The kitten is about to come alive. Digg/LiveLeak

When you wake up on a Sunday morning to messages from readers that say: "You have to see this," there are a few potential reactions.

One: "Oh, someone's trying to get to write about their new, very slightly useless gizmo."

Two: "Spam."

Three: "This video could actually be worth seeing."

Grumpily clicking on "play" on this video posted to Digg, but originally to LiveLeak (and who knows where before that), I still feared the worst. It was entitled: "How to Pull a Live Cat Out of a Laptop."

What ensued were 7 minutes of really quite captivating video editing, even if the live cat appeared to emerge from a desktop screen, rather than a laptop.

Before the promised live cat emerged, a laptop was used as a waffle maker.

After the cuddly kitten comes to life, there's a whole series of set pieces in which this unnamed performer manages to levitate an iPhone and turns it into a juice dispenser and a popcorn cooker. He also turns a juice bottle into a candy bottle.

It's all perfectly immature amusement, but sometimes that can make a significant contribution to life.

I do wonder, though, how many hours this gentleman took to create his opus, and whether he is a start-up CEO in his spare time.


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