Man dressed as Batman fails to convince police

A Michigan man who dressed up as Batman now faces trespassing charges.

Be sure your Batman is authentic. Accept no substitutes! Petoskey Department of Public Safety

Obviously, credibility is the first problem you face when people find you hanging from the wall of a local business dressed as Batman.

In Petoskey, Mich., a 31-year-old man found this out the hard way. The police had to pull him back onto the roof of the building; they later allegedly took a baton-like weapon (more of Daredevil's kind of weapon, but I'll let that slide), a can of "chemical irritant spray" (I would love to believe this was Bat-shark repellent), and lead-lined gloves, presumably to conceal the iPod Shuffle he got Superman for his birthday.

Seeing as how this joker faces charges of trespassing and possession of a dangerous weapon, this isn't a total yukfest.

But look at that picture. How can you dress up as Batman and forget the utility belt? And is that hair sticking out from under the cowl? And don't get me started on that bat logo. Kids, if you decide to do something that might qualify for the kookydoodle category, at least put some effort into your costume. Sheesh!

(Via Detroit Free Press)

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