Make small, sharable photo sets with TinyAlbum

Want some free and simple photo hosting? Check out TinyAlbum.

Too cheap for a Flickr pro membership and scared of Zooomr? Check out TinyAlbum, a super simple and minimalist photo-hosting service that will let you upload as many photos as you want (at up to 8MB a file) into slick little albums.

The UI shares a lot in common with Flickr, and incorporates a handful of really user-friendly features like drag-and-drop reordering, on the fly rotation, and links to various sizes for download. It's missing an open API, something that makes Flickr so incredibly useful in conjunction with third-party services, but the speed and ease of use are top notch for a small, independent app.

I managed to put together three albums with full-resolution shots in just a few minutes. The service is missing something similar to Flickr's explore page, but you can discover new content uploaded by other users in both a stream on the front page, as well as a Digg-spy-like service that shows you the most recently active users as well as what tags they've affixed to their shots.

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Flickr users will find TinyAlbums familiar; however the service's speed is far peppier than the photo-hosting giant (click to enlarge). CNET Networks
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