Make old film negatives digital with your smartphone

The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner making a run on Kickstarter uses your smartphone camera to scan images trapped on film negatives.


The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner lets you conveniently scan your negatives with a smartphone so you can easily share those '70s summer camp pics on Twitter. Created by the same people behind Lomography, this portable scanner can scan a variety of 35mm film -- color slides, color negatives, black and white film.

Besides the scanner, all you need is a smartphone and the included free Lomoscanner app (compatible with iOS and Android). The app not only scans your film, but lets you stitch images together (for panoramas, for example), as well as animate 35mm analog movies shot using the Lomography LomoKino camera.


This is a brilliant way of making film scanning more easily accessible. You only need your smartphone to be on your way to digitizing your childhood photos and other memories captured before the days of digicams.

Compatible with all iPhones and select Android smartphones, the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner can be had for a basic $60 pledge on Kickstarter.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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