Magically delicious bacon bracelet hits Etsy marketplace

Realistic bacon bracelet hits Etsy marketplace

Bacon bracelet: no natural additives Diffraction/Etsy

Let me guess what you're thinking: "What the heckbeans is this doing on Crave? Where are the diodes, LCD screens, or batteries? Not even one Swarovski crystal?" Well, we realize this isn't tech-related, but considering the amount of bacon-related blog posts popping up on here, we doubt anyone will care.

Now I know I said before that men who wear jewelry should be stoned to death or something to that degree, but I think we can all agree that bacon is the crunchy, greasy, artery-clogging tie that binds us all together, so I'll make an exception for this bacon bracelet, courtesy of Diffraction's store on online crafts marketplace

Anyway, the bracelet is a shiny silver and closes with a lobster clasp; it's also fully adjustable up to eight inches, but the seller can also make it larger if necessary. The "bacon" itself is professionally shot in a studio, printed on thick plastic, and then sealed with three coats of polyurethane for added durability. The result is a little slice of bacon that looks so similar to the real thing that you're likely to get a few strange looks in line at the bank, and maybe even one "Uhh, you gonna eat that?"

And now, for some bad news: unfortunately, the bracelet is sold out online right now, but check out the maker's Etsy store for future updates and other food-themed accoutrements. EDIT: The store has been updated, additional bacon bracelets available here!

More pictures of the bacon bracelet after the jump.

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