Magic music copy-stopper, take 2

CD copy-protection company SunnComm International is buying the assets of a U.K. music antipiracy company called Darknoise Technologies. Again.

This deal was first announced a year ago. Darknoise was working on technology aimed at blocking even the most old-fashioned version of music copying – putting a microphone up to a speaker and pushing record. The trick, as originally described, was to put inaudible sound inside digital audio files which could only be heard by the human ear if the song was re-recorded.

Apparently, it didn't work as advertised, or at least not yet. SunnComm said Monday that the first deal was contingent on Darknoise delivering a "100% functional technology." That never happened.

The upshot is that SunnComm has now decided to acquire the Darknoise technology as is, and will continue to try to develop the process.

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