Magento gets Forrester's attention

Forrester Research calls out Magento, the leading open-source e-commerce platform, as an e-commerce player to watch. This is an exceptional testament to its growing momentum.

Magento, the leading open-source e-commerce platform , has just notched a new honor: Forrester Research has named it an "Emerging Player to Watch" in its Forrester Wave: B2C eCommerce Platforms, Q1 2009 report.

This is an exceptional testament to the growing momentum of Magento. Varien's Magento is the only open-source e-commerce platform named in the report, alongside industry leaders IBM and ATG.

But it's not what Varien has done with Magento that Forrester deems exciting. Rather, it is Magento's momentum, and implicit room to grow, that Forrester calls this out in its report:

Magento is a very exciting open-source e-commerce solution typically delivered at the enterprise level through the professional services of the company that developed and launched the product, Varien....Enterprise-level e-commerce organizations should view Magento as an opportunity to launch small-scale side projects and experiments, but for larger companies with limited e-commerce needs, it may prove to be a very attractive solution.

Product maturity, proof of the product's scalability, and further development of SIs and Varien's own professional services may place Magento as an enterprise-class solution in the future.

This is precisely where most successful open-source products start: departmental deployments in the enterprise with more extensive applicability in the small-to-midsize enterprise market. However, as with Hyperic, MindTouch, and other open-source offerings, Magento is unlikely to reserve itself for these more limited deployments.

Forrester forecasts online retailers to upgrade their platforms over the next two years, and I suspect that Magento will increasingly get the nod as online retailers seek the flexibility, cost profile, and embeddability that an open-source solution like Magento can provide.

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