MacWEEK on Mac OS 8.1 and Macworld Expo

MacWEEK on Mac OS 8.1 and Macworld Expo

Mac OS 8.1 MacWEEK reports on the arrival of Mac OS 8.1 at Macworld Expo. The update features the new Mac OS Extended file format (also known as HFS ), numerous bug fixes and some updated software (such as Open Transport 1.3). As to exactly when and where you can get it, and for how much: "Starting this week, users of Mac OS 8 can download the update free from Apple's servers, but it does not include Internet Explorer. The software will also be available at midmonth in two forms on CD-ROM. Customers will be able to purchase the Mac OS 8.1 retail package for $99, and Mac OS 7.6 owners will get a $30 rebate. Apple will offer the update for $19.95 for those who have a proof of purchase and bought Mac OS 8 as a retail package, received it through Apple's Mac OS Up-To-Date program or purchased a Mac system with Mac OS 8 installed."

Macworld Expo Show Picks MacWeek gives its recommendations as to what's too hot to miss.


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