Macs get more like iPads

iOS and OSX grow closer together with the launch of a Mac App Store and new interfaces in the upcoming OS X Lion.

Macs get their apps, too.
Macs get their apps, too. CNET

A few months ago, we wondered how iOS could make its way into OS X. Apple was clearly thinking the same thing, because the summer 2011 release of OS X Lion looks like it's going to make Macs very iPad-like indeed.

First and foremost, an App Store will be hitting the Mac "within 90 days" according to today's Apple keynote, with software updates and much of the same look and feel as what exists on the iPad. It looks as if the Mac App Store will focus on Mac-specific apps, but it can't require too much of a leap to imagine universal apps that could run on iPhones, iPads, and Macs all at once.

A new Expose-influenced interface called Launchpad will organize those apps in the same multipage grid with folders.

Multitouch gestures will also be expanded, although no touch-screen Macs look to be in Apple's future. We'll come back and discuss more later .

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