Macs get more like iPads

iOS and OSX grow closer together with the launch of a Mac App Store and new interfaces in the upcoming OS X Lion.

Macs get their apps, too.
Macs get their apps, too. CNET

A few months ago, we wondered how iOS could make its way into OS X . Apple was clearly thinking the same thing, because the summer 2011 release of OS X Lion looks like it's going to make Macs very iPad-like indeed.

First and foremost, an App Store will be hitting the Mac "within 90 days" according to today's Apple keynote , with software updates and much of the same look and feel as what exists on the iPad. It looks as if the Mac App Store will focus on Mac-specific apps, but it can't require too much of a leap to imagine universal apps that could run on iPhones, iPads, and Macs all at once.

A new Expose-influenced interface called Launchpad will organize those apps in the same multipage grid with folders.

Multitouch gestures will also be expanded, although no touch-screen Macs look to be in Apple's future. We'll come back and discuss more later .

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