MacOS Rumors; SpeedLib (one last time): serious allegations

MacOS Rumors; SpeedLib (one last time): serious allegations

a. I have linked to the MacOS Rumors web site a couple of times in the last few weeks. As I write this, if you try to go there, you will get a message that says access is "Forbidden." When I first saw this, I thought it was another case of Apple shutting down this site for its posting of confidential material (as has had happened previously). However, the true reason (as reported to me by one of the parties involved and also reported on the MRP over the week-end) was something entirely different - and more serious. Like Eric, I hesitate to go into details here. I will simply say that it involves allegations of credit card fraud.

b. I am also reluctant to give any more publicity to the fraudulent SpeedLib files. But I received an email over the weekend that seemed to merit a comment: A source (who wishes to remain anonymous but who has knowledge of the origins of these files) confirms that these files were part of a deliberate fraud intended to "impress several developers who the authors of the files were trying to get work with."


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