Maclove's Apple cases send a message

The Messager case from Maclove is a stylish leather manila envelope that comes in various sizes for protecting Apple's mobile products.

The haughty Maclove leather Messager is available for multiple Mac products, including the iPad. Maclove

Ever since Steve Jobs pulled out a MacBook Air from a manila envelope at a Macworld keynote address in 2008, a few accessory makers have been inspired to design leather manila envelope cases for the Air. Well, we noticed that a company called Maclove has gone a step further and designed a whole line of "Messager" leather manila cases for Mac products.

We had a little trouble finding Messager cases for sale online, but the iPad version appears to cost about $50 (shipping not included). If this style suits your fancy, Amazon does have a number of manila-style leather cases, including ones from Air Mail, Boxwave, Macvelope, and iStorm. They tend to be priced in the $25-$60 range.

This Air Mail case is fitted for the original MacBook Air. Amazon

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