Machine applauds you when no one else will

The Applause Machine is a playful kinetic sculpture from creative collaborative Laikingland.

Red Applause Machine

Everyone's had the experience of toiling away on a project, only to have the hard work go unrecognized. For those times when co-workers or family members fail to acknowledge your genius, there's the Applause Machine from Laikingland.

Designed by U.K. artist Martin Smith, the Applause Machine is a kinetic sculpture that measures about 18 inches high. When you press a button on the wood base, the motor kicks into gear and the machine "enthusiastically claps its hands for you"--well, as much as a machine can express enthusiasm. As this video shows, the clapping seems to be easily drowned out by the sound of the motor.

Made of powder-coated steel, brass, plastic, and walnut, the Applause Machine runs on two AAA batteries (included). You can choose from among five colors--red, green, orange, black, and white; the collective will manufacture 250 machines in each color.

Of course, U.S. buyers will have to be either independently wealthy or especially desperate for an ego boost. Thanks to the still-unfavorable exchange rate, the Applause Machine prices out to $301.83.

(Via Dezeen)

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