MacBook Air gets more leather love

Yet another accessory maker copies the manila-envelope look.

Akihabara News

Of all the copycat accessories that can be produced, the " AirMail " case for the MacBook Air has some unfathomable popularity. Started almost on a whim, it was followed by the higher-end " Air Manila " in hand-stiched leather, and now there's yet another pretender to the envelope throne.

Japan's curiously named Bird Electron, which has long been known for its odd products , apparently decided to take a safer route in this case and follow what appears to be a popular design. (The original version has been sold out for months.)

This one is leather too and, as the photos on Akihabara News show, come in a tan finish as well as the traditional black. They look fairly nice, actually, though it's not clear if they'll make it to U.S. shores from Japan.


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