MacBook (#5): Discoloration on case; Reminder: Check your MacBook's rear vent

MacBook (#5): Discoloration on case; Reminder: Check your MacBook's rear vent

Discoloration on case -- pictures Several posters to Apple's Discussion boards are reporting an issue where the MacBook's case become discolored around the palm reset area and other spots (usually with an orange/brown/yellow color).

Most users report that the discoloration is not responsive to cleaning products, indicating that the root cause may lie with a chemical reaction in the plastic rather than the presence of dirt.

One user has posted several pictures of the issue.

Another poster, PhAde, reports a similar occurrence on a Toshiba laptop with plastics similar to the MacBook, reinforcing the notion that some sort of reaction is causing the issue.

"For what it's worth, I'm just logging in to tell you guys I have the exact same palm-rest discoloration on my Toshiba Satellite P30. It's made of basically the same polycarbonate that the MacBook is made out of, and has gone from silver (Roughly #C4C4C4) to greenish dark grey (Roughly #899A87) in the 2 spots where my hands sit while typing. I'm planning on buying a MacBook Pro at some point, and the wife is planning on picking up a white MacBook, so this issue is pretty concerning."

If you are experiencing a similar issue, please let us know.

Reminder: Check your MacBook's rear vent As we previously mentioned, Apple posted a Knowledge Base article indicating that some MacBooks may run too warm, with the fan running consistently and heat emanating from the top and/or the bottom of the computer if the rear vent of the MacBook is blocked by a thin piece of clear plastic covering the rear vent.

This piece of plastic is intended to prevent dust from getting into the MacBook, but should be removed by the end-user upon receipt of the system.


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