Mac OS X Server 10.5 Leopard features: Includes Wiki server

Mac OS X Server 10.5 Leopard features: Includes Wiki server

Though Mac OS X Server didn't garner attention during Steve Jobs' keynote address this morning, the Leopard update is going to be significant.

A press release indicates that Leopard Server features a new setup interface with built-in Network Health Check, a new Server Preferences administration interface and automatic client setup support that automatically configures Mac OS X version 10.5 Leopard clients to use the server for all essential services, including file and printer sharing, Mail, iCal, iChat, Address Book and backup.

In addition, the core services in Leopard Server, including Apache 2, MySQL 5, Postfix, Cyrus, iChat Server and QuickTime Streaming Server, are now 64-bit.

Leopard Server also includes a calendar server -- iCal Server uses the open CalDAV standard for integration with leading calendar programs, including iCal 3 in Leopard, Mozilla's Sunbird, OSAF's Chandler and Microsoft Outlook. Leopard Server also includes a wiki server to make it easy for teams to create and share information through their own shared website and provides web-based access to shared resources such as team calendars, weblogs and Podcasts.

There is a new Podcast producer, which allows recording and serving of content, and ability to use Xgrid resources to encode audio.

Other new features include:

  • Mail Clustering for higher availability and reliability when used with Xsan
  • iChat Server 2 with instant message federation that lets users communicate with GoogleTalk and other XMPP instant messaging systems;
  • QuickTime Streaming Server 6 with support for 3GPP Release 6 bit rate adaptation for smooth streaming when delivering content to mobile phones regardless of network congestion;
  • new Adaptive Firewall technology to actively monitor for attacks and proactively block individual hosts from connecting to the server; and
  • Xgrid 2 featuring GridAnywhere for distributed computing in environments without dedicated controllers, and Scoreboard for prioritizing job distribution to the fastest available CPU.

For more information, see the press release.


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