Mac OS 8 incompatibilities with FileGuard and Sonic Systems Bridgepass

Mac OS 8 incompatibilities with FileGuard and Sonic Systems Bridgepass

A couple of compatibility items that I do not believe I have mentioned previously:

FileGuard Brian Carb writes that with the current version of FileGuard 3.0.5 running under Mac OS 8, "I was able to open and manipulate the contents of folders for which I had no privileges." ASD Software replied to him on this issue: "Yes ASD Tech support is aware of the problem with FileGuard and OS 8. We have been working on a new version for quite a while now and [...] hope to see the subsequent official release [...] by the end of the month. FileGuard 3.0.7 will fix the problem."

Sonic Systems Bridgepass Robert Broome writes that there is a Mac OS 8 incompatibility with the latest Sonic Systems Bridgepass software used for their LocalTalk bridges. With password protection turned on, printers do not show up in the Chooser, even though the password is entered correctly. This has been confirmed by Sonic Systems: "Unfortunately, there does appear to be some sort of conflict. Reverting to an older version of the LaserWriter does not help. I've passed on the report to our engineers to for a solution. Hopefully, they should have an answer soon. I'm afraid the only workarounds I can suggest are to either turn off password protection or revert to the previous system you had installed."


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