Mac OS 8.1: Third party software conflicts

Mac OS 8.1: Third party software conflicts

CharisMac Dave Camp writes; "The CharisMac 1.10t CD-ROM drivers seem to have a serious conflict with file sharing under Mac OS 8.1. If you enable file sharing on the machine with the CharisMac drivers, mount one of its volumes on another Mac, and copy a file to it, the server machine will lock up."

Folder Icon Cleaner 2.02 David Himelright writes: "After running Folder Icon Cleaner, Disk First Aid reports every nuked custom icon as a problem on my HFS disk." Repairing the disk with Disk First Aid solved the problem.

TechTool 1.1.5 TechTool 1.1.5's System Analyze feature does not work with 8.1 (no surprise here). The entire application seems to have problems with HFS . An update will be needed.


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