Mac OS 8.0.1 notes

Mac OS 8.0.1 notes

A source who wishes to remain anonymous informs me that Apple is aware of the problem with the slow opening of folders in Mac OS 8. It has several causes. One is that the "disk cache is not optimized: for some reason, some systems are set up with a 96K disk cache; press the "default" button in the Memory control panel to reset to the proper levels." Turning off folder protection in the General Controls control panel (as noted here before) will also help. Apple is working on a "solution" but it is not likely to make it into Mac OS 8.0.1 (now expected in December). The ability to make "universal" Views settings is also not likely to be in Mac OS 8.0.1. However, copy speed improvements will be included in the update. The update may also contain a new feature that allows selection of specific windows from the Application menu, not merely the application itself.


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