Luna's VoIP phone aims for the moon

Striking design stands out in a boring crowd


Not long ago VoIP phones were among the most utilitarian in design. But if the "Luna" handset from Ireland's Futiro is any indication, Internet phone makers have quickly learned the value of aesthetics in the consumer marketplace.

Regardless of what you think of the Luna's gently sloping lines, you've got to hand it to Futiro for trying. And according to Ubergizmo, it hasn't sacrificed functionality for the sake of appearance: "This unique device is Skype-certified and comes with a full telephone keypad, a speakerphone function that enables you to type as you talk, echo reduction technology, and an interesting free-standing design."

It would have been nice if this handset were wireless too, but that still seems rare among VoIP phones. Besides, for the price--$75--you can't have everything.

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