Low Latency No. 6: It's not a hard concept

Razer has taken CNET's People's Voice Award two years straight. But if the products never get released, are they just wooing instead of delivering?

Blake Stevenson

First, a disclaimer. I happen to think Razer makes great products. I've personally reviewed a handful of its gaming accessories and have, on average, been impressed each and every time.

For the second time in a row now, though, Razer has nabbed the People's Voice Award at CES, this time with the impressive yet borderline science fiction Project Fiona portable gaming tablet .

While it's certainly an impressive concept design, one has to wonder where "concept" ends and where practicality begins. We finally got some hands-on time with last year's winner, the Razer Blade gaming laptop , but even its design has seen significant changes compared with just 12 months ago. Will Project Fiona suffer the same fate?

Low Latency is a weekly comic on CNET's Crave blog written by CNET editor and podcast host Jeff Bakalar and illustrated by Blake Stevenson. Be sure to check Crave every Thursday at 8 a.m. PT for new panels!


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