Look sharp with the Chef's Choice knife sharpener

This manual knife sharpener is ideal for keeping hunting and fishing knives in top condition.

Diamonds can be a guy's best friend, too. Chef's Choice

An electric knife sharpener is a nice tool to have when you're at home in the kitchen, but what do you do when you're camping out? Try the Chef's Choice Pronto Manual Diamond Hone Sharpener 464. It's a two-stage manual knife sharpener that applies a razor-sharp edge to straight and serrated knives in just seconds.

Its compact size makes the Pronto an ideal choice for backpackers. And don't think you have to sacrifice quality when you're in the wilderness. The Pronto uses Criss-Cross technology, 100 percent diamond abrasives, and precise bevel angle control to produce a 20-degree edge. It applies an extremely sharp double-bevel edge with microscopic teeth along the entire cutting edge. These tiny teeth provide bite that engages and stabilizes food for effortless cutting.

Sharpen and preserve hunting and fishing knives while you're on the go. Use it on your kitchen and household knives at home. Snag it for around $40.

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