Look forward to ice cream twice as much

The Cook's Essentials Double Ice Cream Maker makes two different flavors of ice cream at once. Also capable of creating gelato, sorbet, and frozen yoghurt, the machine offers convenience as well as variety.

Two scoops, please.
Two scoops, please. QVC

Some things are fun to look forward to. The promise of ice cream is certainly one of them. The mere mention of a trip to the ice cream store gives everyone within hearing distance a delicious idea to focus on no matter what they may have been doing before. Suddenly thoughts drift to favorite flavors...and indecision: one scoop or two?

The answer, of course, is two. The Cook's Essentials Double Ice Cream Maker gives those making homemade ice cream two delicious options. The double-barreled kitchen gadget makes two separate batches of ice cream with each container holding .75 quart of the cold stuff. More than just an ice cream maker, the machine can also create gelato, sorbet, frozen yoghurt, and more, giving you delicious options galore.

Whether you want to mix it up with styles and flavors or keep it simple with vanilla and chocolate, this handy appliance is sure to be put through its paces during the upcoming warm-weather months. With fresh ice cream as little as 50 minutes away, the trip to the ice cream store can be bypassed, and you can have fun in the sun while waiting for dessert to come to you instead. Looking forward to ice cream just became more fun.

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