LogLogic hires software veteran as CEO

Pat Sueltz, who's served at IBM, Sun, Salesforce.com, and SurfControl, now is in charge of a start-up that can help administrators make more use of server event logs.

LogLogic's new CEO, Pat Sueltz LogLogic

LogLogic, a software company with an open-source twist to the business of monitoring and analyzing server log files, has hired software industry veteran Pat Sueltz to be its new chief executive.

Sueltz has made the rounds in the software industry, working at IBM, Sun Microsystems, Salesforce.com, and most recently, SurfControl, which as CEO Sueltz sold to Websense for more than $400 million in April.

LogLogic sells proprietary software but also made an open-source move in 2006 with a component called Lasso, governed by version 2 of the General Public License (GPL).

LogLogic's acting CEO, Dominique Levin, now is executive vice president of products, strategy, and business development, and reports directly to Sueltz, the San Jose, Calif.-based start-up said.

LogLogic's software lets administrators not just scrutinize the innumerable log files that applications generate as they run, but also connect events recorded by one application with those of others. The software also has applications in regulatory compliance

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