Logitech Z906 speakers drive surround sound to your man-tuary

Logitech's latest flagship 5.1 speaker set adds new styling and a few performance upgrades.


No basement-level dwelling can be considered a respectable mancave without a thundering sound system to isolate you from the world--Larry David even dedicated an entire "Seinfeld" episode to Jerry's broken stereo in "The Package" (R.I.P., Uncle Leo).

The state of hi-fi has evolved a lot since 1996, and while Jerry's home setup seemed all inclusive with a separate receiver, cassette player, CD player, and two large satellite speakers, today's modern systems include multiple audio sources by way of a TV, DVD, DVR, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, iPod, Blu-Ray Player, iPod, and more--now you can also consolidate your audio with the Logitech Z906, the company's new flagship surround-sound speaker system.

The Z906 replaces the old Z-5500 with a modern look and much of the same specs including 500 total watts of power split among five satellite speakers and a 165-watt subwoofer.

The control module incorporates Dolby Digital and DTS processing for a direct connection to video players and game consoles without the need for an AV receiver, and a slimmer infrared remote keeps you comfortably glued to your couch.

The Logitech Z7906 Speaker System is available for preorder now for $399, but we'll hold off on an official recommendation until we get an evaluation unit here for a complete review.

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