Logitech keyboard goes solar

Keyboard's technology is very similar to what is found in solar-powered watches that absorb indoor and outdoor light.

Just when you thought solar was headed everywhere--rooftops, utility poles, and deserts, to name a few places--it's coming to your keyboard too.

Logitech's solar-powered K750 keyboard Logitech

Logitech today launched a wireless solar keyboard, its first. The K750 powers itself via integrated solar panels. Without light, the $79 keyboard can operate for three months.

The keyboard's tech sounds very familiar to what you can find in a watch. Logitech's solar keyboard is powered by integrated solar panels across the top and comes with an app that will be available November 15. The app tracks battery levels and has a meter to alert you when power is low.

Read more of "Logitech launches solar-powered keyboard" at ZDNet's Between the Lines.

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