Logitech intros new iPad/Android Tablet Speaker

Logitech has introduced a battery-powered speaker that clips on to larger tablets for an on-the-go sound boost.

The Logitech Tablet Speaker works with the iPad and Android tablets and retails for $50. Logitech

Logitech, which makes plenty of PC speakers, has now moved into the tablet arena with the aptly named Logitech Tablet Speaker.

The speaker clips on and acts as a stand. Logitech

In case you're wondering, this isn't a Bluetooth speaker. It actually clips on to your tablet and has a jack that plugs into the headphone port.

While it isn't wireless, at least it doesn't require a power adapter: the built-in rechargeable battery drives the speaker for up to 8 hours and charges via USB.

We got a quick look and listen to the speaker at a recent Logitech preview event and it certainly offered better sound than the iPad's internal speakers. Just don't expect a whole lot of bass (we'll wait to pass final judgment when we get our hands on a review unit).

While you see the Logitech Tablet Speaker ($50) pictured to the right with the iPad, it works just fine with any tablet. However, it is designed for larger models. When you clip it on, it acts as a stand and tilts your slate up at about a 20-degree angle.

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