Logitech continues fall rollout with new keyboards

Three new keyboards from Logitech.

We already covered Logitech's new ubermouse a few weeks ago, and on Tuesday Logitech takes the covers off three new keyboards.

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard Logitech

The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard looks like the most interesting of the new bunch. A sharp design and an adjustable white LED backlight are the highlights, although it also uses Logitech's fantastic PerfectStroke key system, a carry-over from the high-end diNovo Edge keyboard. The fancy keys help take the edge off the $80 price tag, and overall this keyboard looks perfect for design-heads or the closet PC gamer who wants keyboard backlighting but not aggressive gamer hardware styling.

The diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks Logitech

We're less enthused by the diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks. Logitech bills it as a full-size, luxury accessory to free you from those cramped, overheated laptop keyboards.

We can certainly see why you might want to use a full-size keyboard when your laptop is parked on your desk (that's how we're typing this very blog post, in fact), but we don't see why you'd need a "for Notebooks" model to accomplish this task. At 17 inches long, it's not particularly portable, and at $100 it's no bargain, either. Perhaps if you like the styling of the diNovo Edge but you want a smaller, less expensive model this would make sense.

The Cordless Desktop S520 mouse and keyboard set. Logitech

Finally, the Cordless Desktop S520 is a relatively straightforward, affordable cordless mouse and keyboard set. For $60 you get a standard 1,000 dpi laser mouse, and a round-edged keyboard with the usual array of hot keys and a funky-looking wrist rest.

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