Logitech buys Kickstarter-funded TT Design Labs

The two-person startup's team will now work for Logitech. The accessories maker will also start selling the TT Design Labs products under its own brand.

The TidyTilt case for the iPhone 5 at left, and the JustMount Logitech

Logitech, a company focused on selling tech accessories, has acquired a company that got its start on Kickstarter.

TT Design Labs was founded a little under two years ago by Derek Tarnow and Zahra Tashakorinia. The company's first product was an iPhone accessory, known as TidyTilt, that doubled as both a stand for easier viewing of the iPhone, as well as a case protector. The TidyTilt could also handle the wrapping of earbud cords to keep everything, well, tidy.

To get off the ground, TT Design Labs brought the concept to Kickstarter, where it raised more than 2,000 percent over its goal. Since then, the company has built another accessory, called JustMount, that works as a magnetic mount for an iPhone and the TidyTilt.

Neither Logitech nor TT Design Labs announced the terms of the deal, but Logitech will now start selling both of TT's products under its own brand. Tarnow will stay on with Logitech as a full-time designer, while Tashakorina will work in a consulting capacity.

Both the Logitech TidyTilt and Logitech JustMount are available for preorder via their new owner. The TidyTilt will set customers back $34.95, while the JustMount will cost $24.95. Logitech plans to ship them "in the coming weeks."

Correction at 6:37 a.m. PT:The JustMount serves only as a magnetic mount.

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