Lockheed to head up Pentagon's Cyber Crime Center

Less than a year after being the victim of a cyberattack, Lockheed wins a multi-million dollar contract to run the U.S. government's cybercrime lab.

Lockheed Martin announced today it received millions of dollars to begin heading up the Pentagon's Cyber Crime Center. According to Reuters, the company won a $454 million contract from the government to help the military facility investigate the increasing number of cyber threats.

"Because of its size and importance, the [Department of Defense] is targeted by cyber criminals ranging from terrorists to spies to identity thieves," Lockheed told Reuters.

The security company's team of experts plans to assist the government in dealing with cyberattacks and crime by providing technical, functional, and managerial support to the center. It will specifically focus on criminal, espionage, and terrorist threats to U.S. networks.

Less than a year ago, Lockheed itself was the victim of a "significant and tenacious" cyberattack. During the attack, hackers broke into sensitive company networks along with similar networks run by other U.S. defense contractors.

In dealing with attacks going forward, Reuters reports that Lockheed Martin's work with the Pentagon "will include digital and multimedia forensics examination, analysis, research, development, test and evaluation, information technology and cyber analytical services."

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