Local news: Locating sponsor links; MacFixIt offline briefly yesterday

Local news: Locating sponsor links; MacFixIt offline briefly yesterday

Locating sponsor links MacFixIt readers occasionally write to ask us for the URL of a vendor whose banner they saw displayed here on a previous visit. To make finding these URLs easier, I have added a link at the top of this page that takes you directly to the MacFixIt Sponsors page. Here you will find the URL for every current banner advertiser.

And remember, if you do visit any of our advertisers, clicking to their site from any of our links lets the vendor know that you found out about them from MacFixIt. That helps us out. Thanks for your support.

MacFixIt offline briefly yesterday MacFixIt was briefly offline yesterday afternoon (you got a Forbidden Access message). This was due to a server crash that was eventually traced to a bad Ethernet card (that has now been replaced). With the new card (and other associated changes), the search engine problems appear to be alleviated somewhat; so you may have better luck using it. In any case, I still expect to move to a new server within the next month or so; this should resolve all search engine problems.


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