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CNET's new cell phone accessories blog tells you the coolest things to do with your cell phone.

Blinged-out Razr
This could be your Razr

Let's say you bought a new cell phone and you just got it home and out of the box. You've made a few calls and added your contracts but now what? How do you take that cell phone and truly make it yours? Perhaps you add an accessory like a Bluetooth headset, or you snap on a personalized faceplate for some bling. Or maybe you'd prefer some cool new ringtones of your favorite songs.

The choices are endless as a cell phone is one of the gadgets that can reflect your personal style. So if you're confused about where to find the best accoutrements for your handset, CNET's new ringtones, accessories, and help page tells you all about the hottest ringtones and the coolest accessories. You'll find a blog, top accessories for our favorite phones, links to cell phone downloads, and reviews of the best Bluetooth headsets. And if you're more concerned with how to best use your phone, check out the tips and advice section where CNET users and editors offer help and how-tos on using your cell phone to its true potential.

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