Linspire laps up Ubuntu Linux

Linspire, a version of Linux geared chiefly for desktop users, is moving to an Ubuntu foundation.

Linspire previously had been based on Debian, which also is the base for Ubuntu. But on Thursday, Linspire and Ubuntu backer Canonical announced the shift.

"Ubuntu is the most successful community-based Linux project to date," said Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony in a statement. "They have done a fantastic job with the development community and creating tools for utilizing their technology. It made a tremendous amount of sense to partner with Canonical and begin basing our desktop Linux offerings on Ubuntu."

As part of the deal, Ubuntu users will be able to tap into Linspire's Click-n-Run (CNR) online software repository for downloading new applications or software modules, the companies said. The CNR feature will be added into the upcoming .

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