Lights, cameras, cell phones!

Zack Wilson wins the second annual Cellflix Festival, a contest where films have to be shot on a cell phone.

What do a creepy old lady and a six-foot lobster have in common? Both were subjects of prize-winning films at the second annual Cellflix Film Festival at Ithaca College, a nationwide competition of 30-second films shot with cell phones.

Zack Wilson won the $5,000 grand prize for his piece, "Assisted Living," about a wise old lady whose sense of humor shows a young nurse the importance of enjoying life. Wilson reportedly spent about 90 minutes shooting and 10 hours editing.

The video is sweet and funny, but I don't think it should have won the grand prize. Maybe I'm just creeped out by old people who pretend they're dead, but I prefer quicker, more upbeat videos like "Good Morning."

"Shellfish" won the $5,000 Texas Instruments Audience Award. The winning director, Billy Feldman, needed only 20 minutes to shoot and edit his film about a giant lobster having troubles with the Mrs.

Click here to view all 99 entries. Some of the videos are brimming with amazing talent behind the lens, and other videos are experimental, artiste crap. Of course, every entry looks grainy and pixelated, so it will be fascinating to see this festival in a few years when 5-megapixel cameras (like those in the Nokia N95) are standard.

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