Light up your noggin in style

LED lamp hangs from your ear


We're not quite sure why, but LEDs seem to have found particular usefulness when affixed to the skull. Various headgear products featuring the ultra-bright lights have been introduced to the market, ranging from forms worthy of a coal miner to an alien laboratory prober.

The problem is just that, however: They look like Halloween accoutrements. But the "LED Ear Light" actually manages to look kind of geeky chic, in a Borg-like way, by hanging the gadget from your ear sort of like a bulky Bluetooth headset. It weighs only an ounce, according to SCI FI Tech, and has lithium batteries that can last up to 18 hours. But we wouldn't recommend an earphone on the other side of your head at the same time; the last place you want to over-accessorize is your head.

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