Light up the wall with the Suck UK Rechargeable Bottle Light

The Suck UK Rechargeable Bottle Light turns old bottles into new lights. The sleek bottle stopper houses an LED light for creative mood lighting.

Put your empties to use before recycling with the Suck UK Rechargeable Bottle Light.
Put your empties to use before recycling with the Suck UK Rechargeable Bottle Light. Suck UK

So it's the weekend and the empties are starting to pile up. Somebody is going to have to take a trip (or many) out to the recycling bin. Then again, somebody went through a lot of trouble, time, and expense to produce all those bottles. Sure, it makes transporting the beer or wine (OK, fine; soda too) a lot easier than not, but still, it seems a shame to see them broken at the bottom of a recycling bin. Especially when they would look so much better on the wall.

It might take a while to accumulate 99 bottles of anything on the wall, but assuming the rate of taking one down and passing it around does not exceed the rate of replacement, eventually there will be a lot of bottles to look at. The next logical question one might ask is why did they save all those bottles? The answer is Bottle Light.

The Suck UK Rechargeable Bottle Light ($15) is a simple device that turns ordinary bottles into mood lighting. Shaped like a bottle stopper, the LED light adds a decorative appeal indoors or out. Recharging via USB, no wires are needed to use. The smooth, utilitarian shape allows for it to be twisted on and off, so there are no unattractive switches or protuberances to mess up the sleek design -- no beer goggles required.

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