Light up that sound with SoundBulb

Concept lightbulbs that have built-in Bluetooth wireless speakers.

Yanko Design

The worst part of installing a home theater is getting the little satellite speakers around the room without wires running all over the place. How about getting them installed right where the lightbulbs are, or more specifically, inside the lightbulbs?

This idea is what a few designers put together and call the SoundBulb.

Basically, they want to put a Bluetooth wireless speaker inside an LED lightbulb. The speaker then works independently from the light, or with the light, to create different levels of illumination depending on the level or pitch of the sound.

The speaker can be controlled at the same place as the light switch or on the bulb itself, where the Bluetooth receiver is located.

This is actually a really cool concept, and, in my opinion, is doable as long as they figure out a way to keep the speaker from overheating and the bulb from exploding because of the high level of sound.

It's unclear when or if you'll be able to find these at a store. So let's just wait and see.

Yanko Design

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