'Light Head Magnifier': The name says it all

If dorkiness could be defined as a product, this would be it.

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Wow. It's not often that we're left speechless by the sheer dorkiness of an item, but this one almost had that effect on us.

The very name of the "Lighted Head Magnifier" screams date-repellant, but it still can't come close to conveying the image in the photo shown here. In case anyone cares, Coolest-Gadgets says this piece of headgear provides 3.5x magnification, a spare light bulb and "non-slip fit." That may be so, but it still looks like a poor man's combination of a "Shade Blade" and an LED baseball cap, with the aesthetics of a solar-powered fan hat thrown in for good measure.

On the positive side, it could be the perfect accessory to wear while watching favorite episodes of the original Star Trek--again--on Saturday night.

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